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Caledonia Ramblers


The Caledonia Ramblers Hiking Club was formed in 1974 by a group of people interested in the outdoors around Prince George. Come join us for a hike in the Prince George area. For more info about club membership visit Caledonia Ramblers website and Caledonia Ramblers on Facebook



Hickory Wing Ski Club

Prince George's Backcountry ski club since the 1950's, most recently known as the Sons of Norway. The Hickory Wing Ski Touring Club is very active in the development and maintenance of ski TRAILS that are part of the Tabor Mountain Recreation Area Caledonia Nordic Ski Club.


Caledonia Nordics


The Caledonia Nordics have a long history in Prince George and currently are the largest ski club in western Canada.  Caledonia Nordics operate the Otway Cross Country Ski Area.

Caledonia Nordics webpage

Otway on Facebook


Prince George Alpine Club of Canada


The Prince George Section is located in the heart of British Columbia, almost geographically the middle, and runs trips in the Coast, Cariboo, Rocky and Columbia Mountain Ranges. As a section we are active in the summer with camps and trips. However, the majority of our trips take place in the winter, ranging from overnight trips on skis to some winter mountaineering, but by far the majority of the time is spent skiing.  Visit Prince George Section of the ACC website and Prince George Section of the ACC on Facebook



Prince George Naturalists

The Prince George Naturalists Club is based in Prince George, British Columbia.  As a community based naturalists club our members actively promote education and enjoyment of the natural world. Visit the Prince George Naturalists Club website and Prince George Naturalists Club on Facebook

Fraser Headwaters Alliance

The Fraser Headwaters Alliance was formed in 1988 as the Robson Valley's first grassroots conservation organization. Our mission is to maintain and restore ecoystem health and support ecologically sustainable human communities and economies in the Fraser Headwaters bioregion.

Fraser Headwaters Alliance website


UNBC Outdoors Club

The UNBC Outdoors Club is a University Club that gets students together and involved in outdoor recreational activity.

UNBC Outdoors Club on Facebook


Northwest Brigade Paddling Club


The NW Brigade Paddling Club is Prince George and central BC's Paddling group. If you live in the area and are an active paddler or interested in the sport, join our group. We are also the go-to resource for information on the regions rivers and whitewater.

The Northwest Brigade on Facebook


Penny Community Historical Association

The Penny Community Historical Association is a local community association East of Prince George. Penny is the small community at the base of the Red Mountain trail. The people of Penny explored the mountains, built trails and the original Red Mountain Cabin.  Members of the PCHA and the PGBRS maintain the trails and the Cabin that looks out on Red and Green Mountains above Penny.


PCHA Website