Red Mountain Cabin

Red Mountain Cabin is located in the mountains above the community of Penny in central British Columbia. To get the cabin a 12 km hike through low elevation cedar forests that are growing back after fire that burned in the early 1900's, through old growth cedars estimated to be more than 800 years old, and through spruce and sub alpine fir stands.  The trail then follows just below the ridge in the sub alpine for a couple kilometers, leading to the cabin that looks out on the valley and Red and Green Mountains.  The cabin, original build by members of the community of Penny in the 1960's saw a new roof and some renovations done by the PGBRS in 2006.  The cabin continues to look out over meadows that are home to Grizzly bears in the summer and the forest and mountains that are home for endangered mountain caribou year round. 

Hiking in the summer takes approximately 4 hours and in the winter it can easily take 6 to 8 hours. The cabin sleeps a maximum of 6 people and can be booked either per person (allowing others to book as well) or entirely (paid for a minimum of 4 people). The cabin is stocked with sleeping mats and sleeping bags, a stove and equipped kitchen, propane lamps and bbq and cleaning supplies, cabin boots, but each person is required to bring and use a liner or sheet for the supplied sleeping bags.

Cabin Booking

Please contact the PGBRS via email to inquire about  cabin availability.

*Summer Bookings Are Available Between April 1 2016 and September 30 2016*  

Winter Bookings Open September 5 for dates Between October 1 and March 31